Can you use newspapers to clean windows for a streak free shine?

Truth or Wives tale?

Newspaper window clean, Window, glass, wooden frames, scrunched newspaper, cloth,Ask your grandmother how she cleaned her windows in the old days and she will most likely tell you that they would use newspaper. More precisely waded and scrunched up newspaper used to polish the windows. Like it was the newspaper that magically did the work.

Limon stack, Limon, Limon juice, Push her a bit further and what she will tell you will depend where in the world she came from. Some will tell you to put several table spoons of lemon juice in half a bucket of water, while others will tell you to use equal parts of vinegar and water, and still others will use both lemon juice and vinegar in water.

White Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar bottle, bottle, plastic bottle,Then the process seems to be to use a cloth or some of the waded up news paper to apply which ever mix to the glass and then several more wads of newspaper to rub the glass dry. There you have it the entire process.

If you want to understand why and the problems associates with this process read on.

Calcium removal the 100% natural way.

ABC Window Cleaning Specialists perfects a 100% natural way of removing calcium from glass. Over the years I have been asked to remove calcium from windows more times than I can count because the scheme water and some of the ground water around Perth is full of calcium.
For those who are not familiar with what calcium can do to windows it is the white film or build up that is shown in the before photo attached to this article. Calcium deposits when sprinklers spray water on the windows. The sprinkler does not even have to be spraying directly on the windows. All that has to happen is the mist from the sprinkler drift onto the windows and over time layers of calcium will build up forming the telltale white fog on the window. A window with calcium, before being removes the with the ABCWCS natural method
When the water drys the calcium is left behind, attached to the window and sets hard as rock. At first you don’t notice any thing because the amount of calcium is so small. Over some weeks or months the build up becomes visible and then you get that classic calcium stain which is impossible to remove with conventional cleaning.
A close up window with calcium, before the calcium being removed the with the ABCWCS natural method
There are a number of commercially available products to remove calcium but they contain Hydrofluoric acid. The problem with that is that using hydrofluoric acid regularly will etch the glass  removing the smooth finish or glaze leaving your glass looking like it has a bad buildup of calcium anyway. Once the glaze has been removed there is nothing you can do to get it back. The only way to get a window to be clear again after the glaze has been removed is to replace the window.
Even worse than removing the glaze (because at least the window can be replaced) is hydrofluoric acid is a known carcinogen so it will remove the person who works with it. There are also several other acids that in combination will remove calcium but again they are so toxic I will not work with them. There is also a product sold in Australia at least (with a 3 letter name) but again it has gluconic acid, lauramine oxide, Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether and phosphoric acid, quite a cocktail. Don’t get it on you or breath in the fumes this one is no better than hydrofluoric acid and is sold in most hardware stores.
By the time calcium has built up on the windows for you to see it is so hard that using a scraper to remove it is out of the question. I have see several windows where some one has used a scraper to try to remove the calcium and the scraper had not even made s dent in the problem. Even worse is that because the calcium is so hard and rough that when the scraper is run up the window it skips along the rough surface which can result in the glass being scratched. Then you have calcium and scratches on your glass.
I have developed a way of removing the calcium from the class that does not involve scratching the windows or harsh chemicals. In most cases one application of my system and the calcium is gone. However if the calcium is a very thick build up it may take two or three application unlike the commercially available chemicals mentioned above which will remove the calcium in one go but will probably remove your window cleaner too. To get a free quote please fill in our quote form A window after the calcium has been removed with the ABCWCS natural method
A close up of a window after the calcium has been removed with the ABCWCS natural method

Free quotes

Most window cleaners and most business for that matter will provide you with an obligation free quote. But obligation free is not free. Obligation free means that you are under no obligation to accept the quote. I have heard of window cleaners who charge to give you a quote and some refund the price of the quote if you accept their quot. But that can still leave you out of pocket.

Lets say you ask five window cleaners to give you a quote, and lets also say each of those window cleaners charged you $10.00 to give you a quote. You will have forked out $50.00 just to get a quote. When you accept a quote you will get one $10.00 back. So if the quote you accepted was for $100.00 you are still out-laying $150.00 for a $100.00 job.

When you are asking for a quote make sure that they are offering an obligation free, free quote. That’s right a free free quote otherwise you could receive a charge for the quote. Recently I was asked to give a quote where the person asking for the quote was very specific that they wanted an obligation free, free quote. She had two very dodgy guys who had tried to insist she pay them to give her a quote. When she refused they were rude and left with out giving her the quote. At ABC Window Cleaning Specialists we provide obligation free, free quotes.

This does not mean that every that every business you ask for a quote is obliged to provide you with one. There are circumstances  where I don’t provide a quote because the job is to far away or not the type of work i do.

Saving your money.

A day or two before calling for a quote grab the garden hose and use it at full pressure to hose down all your windows, window frames and screens. That will get rid of most of the loose dirt, cobwebs and rinse your fly screens.

In most cases hosing down your windows will mean that you will not need your fly screens cleaned which will save you money.

Make sure you rinse your windows at least two days before your window cleaner is due to clean your windows because the seals can hold water for up to twenty four hours. If you rinse your windows to soon before your window cleaner is due the water in the seals will be running down the glass while they are cleaning the windows which will make the job longer and ultimately cost more.