Dear Prospective Franchisee

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to present our exciting business system, in a dynamic growth industry, for you to evaluate.

When I established A B C Window Cleaning Specialists in 1992, I found customers were increasingly dissatisfied with the poor performance of others in the industry. Seeing this as an opportunity, I drew on my 6½ years experience in Jeans West, and 5 years experience in Joal Imports, to develop a unique business system.

My previous experience taught me to provide customers with a high level of service. I used this knowledge, with my personal selling and management skills, to develop and maintain a highly successful service business. Consistent growth was achieved by meeting customer demands for an excellent quality product and levels of customer service not previously experienced. Using this unique philosophy from the outset, customers came to expect a consistently high level of reliability and customer service. My base of loyal customers grew steadily as word spread.

Having operated A B C Window Cleaning Specialists successfully since 1992, the business has grown to the point where I am unable to meet continuing demand for the services offered. In response to this I have developed a Franchise System using the same standards of excellence that made A B C Window Cleaning Specialists successful. As a result, Franchises will operate from a unique competitive advantage. I plan to draw on my management, marketing and extensive sales experience to ensure the smooth running and success of the Franchise System.

In recent years there has been enormous growth in service industries, opening opportunities previously unavailable. Increasingly customers are demanding high levels of professional service, which we at A B C Window Cleaning Specialists are strategically positioned to provide.

This proposal contains detailed information, which I invite you to consider carefully before making your decision about the A B C Window Cleaning Specialists Franchise System.

Yours Faithfully

PO BOX 642
email – Franchisor