Due to our unique training and method of operating, we are looking for people with no previous experience in window cleaning.
The Franchise System takes into consideration the varying abilities of each Franchisee and tries to cover all expected – and many unexpected issues – that will face the Franchisee.
The Franchisor is looking for highly motivated people with good communication skills who are keen to join a professional team environment and receive the benefits of full backup and support while operating their own business.
abcwcs Check Box  are highly motivated abcwcs Check Box have good communication skills
abcwcs Check Box are able to work without supervision abcwcs Check Box have perseverance
abcwcs Check Box are professional abcwcs Check Box can maintain interest
abcwcs Check Box are energetic abcwcs Check Box are entrepreneurial
abcwcs Check Box are a self-starter abcwcs Check Box are goal oriented
abcwcs Check Box have a high level of attention to detail abcwcs Check Box are team oriented
abcwcs Check Box are able to work quickly and maintain quality of work abcwcs Check Box are enthusiastic
abcwcs Check Box are honest abcwcs Check Box have commitment to excellence
abcwcs Check Box are reliable abcwcs Check Box have short term and long term goals
abcwcs Check Box have a high level of personal integrity abcwcs Check Box are in good health
abcwcs Check Box have good people skills abcwcs Check Box are organised
abcwcs Check Box are prepared to work abcwcs Check Box are customer oriented
Do you, or are you prepared to learn how to:
abcwcs Dot go out of your way to fix any problem,
abcwcs Dot make customers feel valued and special,
abcwcs Dot give customers personal attention,
abcwcs Dot show care and concern for customers needs,
abcwcs Dot treat customers like individuals,
abcwcs Dot be friendly,
abcwcs Dot be helpful but not intrusive,
abcwcs Dot be accessible and flexible,
abcwcs Dot listen and respond to customers needs,
abcwcs Dot keep your promises,
abcwcs Dot not judge customers based on appearance,
abcwcs Dot be patient with customers,
abcwcs Dot be organised and not keep customers waiting,
abcwcs Dot have good product knowledge, and
abcwcs Dot give customers value for money.
(adapted from Art of the 1%, Business Directions Magazine. Issue 67, page 20.)
Sales Integrity Training Course Introduction