The success of any Franchise is reliant on its Operations Manual to deliver an accurate, proven, written system for the Franchisee to follow. The Franchisor is confident the A B C Window Cleaning Specialists Operations Manual will deliver an unprecedented level of information and instruction. This six volume document details all aspects dealing with the operation of the Franchise. The Operations Manual exceeds 980 pages, with more than 1200 graphics, including over 80 customised graphics, 100 pictures and 170 full colour technical diagrams.
The Opperation Manual
The Operations Manual includes:
abcwcs Dimond detailed descriptions of and how to operate all the equipment and chemicals used in the operation of the Franchise, along with detailed sections, complete with full colour technical diagrams, for each of the Authorised Services to be provided by the Franchisee,
abcwcs Dimond an exclusive, customised, Sales Training Course, developed by the Franchisor, to assist Franchisees in developing their sales skills,
abcwcs Dimond detailed information concerning the Franchisee’s Responsibilities and the Franchisor’s Support along with Operating Guidelines for the Franchise, Table Of Contence
abcwcs Dimond complete Quoting and Pricing guidelines, established to ensure the uniformity of Franchises within the Franchise System,
abcwcs Dimond guidelines for Scheduling, the Advertising, Marketing and Promotion of the Franchise, Accounting, Insurance, and Legal requirements, and
abcwcs Dimond Safety guidelines for the operation of all equipment and chemicals while performing Authorised Services.