Free quotes

Most window cleaners and most business for that matter will provide you with an obligation free quote. But obligation free is not free. Obligation free means that you are under no obligation to accept the quote. I have heard of window cleaners who charge to give you a quote and some refund the price of the quote if you accept their quot. But that can still leave you out of pocket.

Lets say you ask five window cleaners to give you a quote, and lets also say each of those window cleaners charged you $10.00 to give you a quote. You will have forked out $50.00 just to get a quote. When you accept a quote you will get one $10.00 back. So if the quote you accepted was for $100.00 you are still out-laying $150.00 for a $100.00 job.

When you are asking for a quote make sure that they are offering an obligation free, free quote. That’s right a free free quote otherwise you could receive a charge for the quote. Recently I was asked to give a quote where the person asking for the quote was very specific that they wanted an obligation free, free quote. She had two very dodgy guys who had tried to insist she pay them to give her a quote. When she refused they were rude and left with out giving her the quote. At ABC Window Cleaning Specialists we provide obligation free, free quotes.

This does not mean that every that every business you ask for a quote is obliged to provide you with one. There are circumstances  where I don’t provide a quote because the job is to far away or not the type of work i do.

Saving your money.

A day or two before calling for a quote grab the garden hose and use it at full pressure to hose down all your windows, window frames and screens. That will get rid of most of the loose dirt, cobwebs and rinse your fly screens.

In most cases hosing down your windows will mean that you will not need your fly screens cleaned which will save you money.

Make sure you rinse your windows at least two days before your window cleaner is due to clean your windows because the seals can hold water for up to twenty four hours. If you rinse your windows to soon before your window cleaner is due the water in the seals will be running down the glass while they are cleaning the windows which will make the job longer and ultimately cost more.